Football pitch
The Spacious Hous
Volleyball court
The Cosy House
Children’s playground
The Friends House



Sartakampis Homestead invites everyone who is willing to escape from the city bustle or everyday routine. Sartakampis is an ideal place for celebrations, family and relative reunions, as well as for the like-minded camps, or relaxation. The homestead is located in Sartai Regional Park, in a quiet place on the bank of Sartai Lake. Singing of birds, rustling of trees, quietness and refreshing natural scent will calm and cheer everyone’s heart.

The spacious homestead area is equipped with cosy rest houses, bathhouse, and outdoor arbours. You can celebrate holiday in the banquet hall, which accommodates up to 60 people.

Everyone will find something to do in Sartakampis: one can boat or canoe, play volleyball, football, table tennis and other table games, relax in bathhouse and tub, or simply spend nice time with friends. The children’s playground equipped in the homestead will give joy to Your children. Those who like fishing will not be disappointed, because Sartai Lake is one of the fishiest lakes in Lithuania.

The owners can arrange meal and waiting on tables during Your celebration organization. Guests are welcome throughout the year, as the homestead is equipped with under-floor and radiator heating.


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